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EPS Standard Molud Frames and Moulds

EPS Standard Moulds

Description of EPS Moulds:
Our EPS mold producing department is a strong force of using computer for mold designing, wood mold making, casting, fittings processing and assembling, We can produce all kinds of complicated molds for automatic shape molding machine, even core puller for automatic machine. All specifications of machinery use 6063 high-quality aluminum alloy, with standard chamber and standard cooling system.

Made of 6063 high-quality aluminum alloy;
2. With a standard frame and cooling system;
3. Covered with teflon to create non-stick surfaces, increase ejection ease and promote corrosion and heat resistance.

Spare Parts of EPS Moulds:
Feeding Guns
Drawing for EPS-mold:

Fixed Side Mould Parts Movable Side
Application of EPS Moulds:
EPS Food Package Moulds
EPS Food Packaging Moulds
EPS Mould Inside View
EPS Packaging Moulds for Food