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PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

This line is divided into 3 sections - forming section, injecting section and run-out section. Forming Section is to shape the uncoiled skins. In Injection Section, a machine injects Polyurethane on the pre-heated skins and when the skins are passing through the double slat conveyor, the Polyurethane is foamed to a complete panel. After that it is cut into required length. The Run-out section transfers the complete panel and turns over for the packing. The whole line is operated automatically and saves labour work.

Layout of PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

Main configuration of the PU sandwich panel line:
♦ Automatic decoiler
♦ Steel panel transverse cutting machine, PVC laminating machine
♦ Roll forming machine
♦ Conveyor
♦ Pre-heating room
♦ PU two component Liquid mixing and injecting section for forming( low pressure)
♦ Double belt machine include side nylon seal blocks
♦ Heating and heat insulation system
♦ Panel automatically cutting system
♦ Roof panel cutting machine (detached and undetached)
♦ Electric control system

This line can make two kinds of PU sandwich panel
(1) roof panel
roof panel
Note: the thickness of the panel is 40mm-100mm, but in this production line, we only supply the side nylon seal block to make the 40mm sandwich panel.

(2) wall panel
wall panel

Technical parameters of the PU sandwich panel line:
Type ABE-350 ABE-200
Productivity 1000000m2 576000m2
Speed of Conveyor 8.6m/min 4m/min
Length of Line 120m 80m
Length of Double-pedrail machine 24m 16m
Power 350kw 200kw
Thickness of Steel Sheet 0.4-0.8mm 0.4-0.8mm
Load of Decoiler 8T 8T
Width of PU Sandwich Panel 600-1250m 600-1250mm
Thickness 30-200mm 30-200mm
Coverage of Needed Area 120*18*3.5m 80*18*3.5m
Density of PU sandwich panel 35-45kg/m2 35-45kg/m2