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XPS Board Post-treatment Auxiliaries

XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation board, is a new insulation material, which is a high quality foam product characterized by smooth skin with a closed-cell structure that looks like a mass of uniform bubbles with common walls between them. There are few, if any, voids between the cells, top and bottom skin.
Performance of the XPS Board
Typical Densities: 28-38Kg /m3
Size: 600, 900, 1200mm
Thermal conductivity: 0.029W/mK (25C)
Thickness: 20-100mm
Compressive Strength: 250Kpa
Dimensional Stability: 1.5%
Max. Use Temperature: 75
Water Absorption: 1.0%

Features of XPS
Comparing with other traditional insulation materials, such as EPS, PU and Rock wool, XPS is improved in insulation, moistureproof, compressive strength, durability, convenient installation and low cost. As an ideal material, XPS is widely applied to heat preservation and insulation systems, moistureproof and obstruct systems, with promising potential market.

♦ Inversion roofing
♦ Armor plate roofing insulation
♦ Walling insulation
♦ Floor aids
♦ Advertising displays, signs & decorative raw material
♦ Interior wall insulation applications
♦ Roofing insulation
♦ Foundation insulation
♦ Insulation under roads/railways/airport runways to prevent permafrost from melting during the summer
♦ Waterproof protection
♦ Support for tile installation
♦ Home and industrial applications
♦ Refrigerated trucks for roads and rails
♦ Laminating industries
♦ Concrete Deck/Ballasted Waterproofing
♦ Exterior Insulation an Finish System
♦ Masonry Cavity Wall
♦ Steel stud/Brick Veneer Walls
♦ Concrete Wall Forming Systems
♦ Wood Stud Walls
♦ Exterior Foundation Walls
♦ Interior Foundation Walls
♦ Under Floor Slabs
♦ Tanks and pools insulation
♦ Industrial freezers and cold rooms