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EPS Machinery

EPS Batch Pre-Expander
After the first phase of pre-expansion of the EPS raw material, the second and third phases of pre-expansions are optional. If annual production capacity is less than 2000 tons .......
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EPS Continuous Pre-Expander
The automation phase of the beads expansion is accomplished by loading the EPS beads into the feeder, expansion of the EPS beads, the expanded EPS beads will then enter the fluidized bed (optional) .......
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EPS Fluidized Bed
The machine is attached to the Pre-Expander to form a complete set. This machine uses the high voltage fan and heat exchanger to form the warm air curtain .......
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EPS Automatic Vacuum Shape Moulding Machine
With the use of PLC Controller (Programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen,the automatic looping process of opening and closing of the moulds, feeding......
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