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3D Panel Mesh Machinery

3D Panel Mesh Welding Machine

  • 3D Panel Mesh Welding Machine

  • 3D Panel Welding Line

  • 3D Panel Mesh Welding Equipment

  • 3D Panel Welder

  • 3D Mesh Welding Machine

  • Welding Machine of 3D Mesh Panel

Technical Specifications:
Longitudinal wire diameter: 2.5-4 mm
Cross wire diameter: 2.5-4 mm
Maximum number of longitudinal wires: 25
Step between longitudinal wires: 50 mm maybe could be variable5mm-10mm
Step between cross wires: 50 mm maybe could be variable 5mm-10mm
Mesh width: 1200 mm-1250 mm
Mesh length: 1000 - 6000 mm
Welding speed: 60 x 25 welding strokes/min , about 10 pcs/hour
Diagonal wire diameter: 3 mm
Quantity of diagonal wires: mode 1 = 100 per sqm and mode 2 = 50 per sqm
Distance between the two mesh sheets : 50 - 150 mm(Panel)
Minimum length of panel: 2000 mm
Maximum length of panel: 6000 mm
Average output based on one 8h shift per day : 240 sqm/h 3D PANELS
with truss steps of 100 mm
Controls : At your specification
Electrical power supply : 440 V AC - 3 phases - 50 cycles

Typical 3D Mesh Panel:

              3D Wire Panel